Trenton of handslikehouses  // Sydney // Sept 2014

Photo by maddiibajphotography
Kane // Forever Ends Here // Brisbane 

Photo by maddiibajphotography
🎢 I’m one step closer to the edge and I’m about to…..BREAK! 🎢

handslikehouses  //  Sydney  // maddiibajphotography
Trenton of handslikehouses in Sydney
Trenton of handslikehouses preshow in Adelaide playing guitar 🎸
Trenton of handslikehouses in Sydney the other week. Miss being on tour with these guys so much. Hope you’re all having a ripper time in Perth πŸ‘Š
✨THIS is happiness!!✨

I had such a ball on tour with the boys from @handslikehousesofficial @foreverendshereband @breakawayaus and @farawaystables can’t thank the Hands Like Houses guys and @bcandler for having me come along. So many good times had and so many friendships made/strengthened. I’m quite devo that I probably won’t see these guys for quite a while now but I look forward to out next adventures. Love you all and already miss being out on tour with you. Good luck with the last few shows. Hating that I can’t be there for the Canberra show but I know you’ll all set it off with a bang!
@muggzybogues of farawaystables last night in Brisbane supporting handslikehouses
Mav of Forever Ends Here at Wrangler supporting Hands Like Houses 

If you’re in Brisbane make sure you get down to Crowbar tonight to watch both bands play 🎸
Alex and Trenton of handslikehouses  having a d&m before their set at Wrangler on Sunday. 
Back at it again tomorrow night in Brisbane at Crowbar πŸ‘Š
Coop from handslikehouses  at Wrangler on Sunday. 

The show in Brisbane this Friday can hurry up already, got some new techniques I wanna try. Kind of having withdrawal symptoms as well I think
Trenton of handslikehouses  in Melbourne at Wrangler on Sunday. 

Getting so keen for your to start back up again in a few days πŸ‘
Rich of Breakaway at Wrangler on Sunday supporting Hands Like Houses
@axlgram13 of @tonightaliveofficial at HQ in Adelaide last Thursday #tonightalive #tonightaliveandyoumeatsix
Trenton of handslikehouses playing guitar backstage before the boys show in Adelaide at Fowlers Live 🎸